• Multi-Function
    Laser Displacement Sensor

    • Presence/Absence
    • Displacement
    • Height Difference
    • Thickness
  • How does it work?

    The IL-1000 is a laser triangulation sensor that calculates distance to its target using a CMOS chip and a known angle.

  • What can be measured?

    This versatile sensor can be used for positioning, thickness, height, seam/count, control, shape-wrap, and other applications.

  • Where can it be used?

    The IL-1000 is compact, waterproof, lightweight, and equipped with a flexible cable. It can be used in any type of environment.

  • Why the IL Series?

    Intelligently designed to compensate for different surfaces, the IL Series automatically provides stable & accurate detection.

  • Thickness

  • Height difference

  • Tilt

  • Width


IL Series CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser Sensor Catalogue

IL Series CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser Sensor Catalogue

Our New General-purpose Laser Displacement Sensor is Intelligent, Rugged and Easy to Use!

  • [File type]PDF:3.26MB

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