• Contact Distance Sensor

    • Displacement
    • Height Difference
    • Thickness Measurements
  • High-Accuracy

    The world's first detection principle developed by KEYENCE, the Scale Shot System II, delivers the highest accuracy in its class with no tracking errors during high-speed movement.

  • Water & Oil Resistance

    The sensor head can be mounted almost anywhere, even in environments with splashing water or oil. Corrosion from water and oil is reduced due to the fully enclosed structure. 

  • Extraordinary Detecting Durability

    Maintains a lifetime of 200 million cycles by using new high-strength linear ball bearings in the spindle. This can greatly reduce maintenance costs and replacement efforts.

  • Easy Installation & Use

    Supports various networks with its lineup of communication units. Batch read & change settings for multiple amplifier units. Reduce wiring & save space with the multi-sensor amplifier unit.

  • Disc assembly inspection

  • Bearing assembly inspection

  • Double label stickers detection

  • Board assembly check


GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor Catalogue

GT2 Series High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:3.85MB

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