• The Next Generation
    Optical Comparator

    • 300 dimensions on up to 100 parts in seconds with OK/NG judgement
    • No operator subjectivity
    • Place and press inspection
    • Automatically record data and generate inspection reports
  • What is IM Series?

    The IM Series is considered to be the 'Next Generation Optical Comparator'. Imagine walking up to your comparator, pushing one button and being able to critically measure hundreds of dimensions within seconds! This automated system is not only fast but accurate and easy-to-use.

  • Why Switch?

    Common problems that occur when measuring with conventional measuring instruments include long measurement time, dependence on professional measuring power, and human error. IM Series is a measurement solution that is fast, accurate and easy.

  • Intuitive Interface That Anyone Can Use

    The easy-to-use interface allows anyone to operate the 
    system at the push of a button, allowing for accurate and 
    repeatable measurement results.

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IM-8000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System Catalogue

IM-8000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System Catalogue
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