• Confocal Microscopy

    See how the VHX Digital Microscope can give you all the benefits of a confocal microscope without the limitations!
    • High-resolution 3D images
    • Capture areas completely in focus
    • Ability to inspect from any angle
    • Advanced 3D measurement capabilities

  • High-Resolution 3D Images

    The VHX 3D display function allows users to generate a high-resolution 3D profile even on targets with extremely reflective surfaces using high magnification.

  • Capture Areas Completely in Focus

    The depth from defocus method allows users to always have fully-focused images. 3D image can be created with height data and detailed texture information.

  • 3D Measurement & Surface Roughness

    The 3D image provides measurement such as volume, distance, plane angle, and profile. These are typically impossible with conventional confocal microscopes.

  • Inspect from Any Angle

    Compared to conventional microscopes, the VHX is extremely flexible. With the ability to inspect targets from any angle, users can observe parts of a target that are normally impossible to see.

  • Fully-Focused Imaging

  • Large Area Captured

  • 3D Analysis

  • Roughness Measurement

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