• Vision Inspection

    • New algorithms to solve complex applications of appearance inspection
    • Quick setup and long-term operation
    • High speed and high performance
  • NEW! Multi-Spectrum Illumination

    Incorporate LEDs in eight colors with a dedicated control circuit for accurate sorting even between slight color/height differences.

  • NEW! LumiTrax™ Tuning

    LumiTrax™ function eliminates conventional imaging problems such as lighting, noise, glare, and other surface conditions.

  • Auto-Teach Inspection Tool

    Settings are performed by just running good parts and eliminates the need for highly-skilled integrators and programming.

  • High-Inspection Stability

    Hardware and software with consistent inspection capabilities through dedication to stability.

  • Absence/Presence

  • Defect Detection

  • Position/Alignment

  • Optical Character Recognition


CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue

CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:13.36MB

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