• Superior analysis through clearer observation
    • Multi-lighting produces images with ultimate clarify & texture
    • Visualise surfaces in 3D
    • Automatic particles counting

    More than 100,000 sets were sold worldwide!
    Read the full details from the Free Microscope General Catalogue.
  • ALL-IN-ONE Microscope

    • Combining 4 microscopes into 1 system - stereoscopic,
      metallurgical, electron and measuring microscope.
    • Adaptive lighting and advanced focusing.
  • Measuring

    • On-screen real time measurement can be made directly.
    • Measurement data is stored and can be exported as a CSV file.

  • Viewing

    • Large depth-of-field allows high image quality & easy operation.
    • Multi-angle observation allows viewing from any angle by tilting
      the lens up and rotating the stage. Hand-held mode is available
      for large objects.

  • Capturing

    • Build-in 500GB HDD allows images & videos to be stored and
      exported directly.
    • Automatic creation of standard reports is possible with software.

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VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

  • [File type]PDF:7.34MB

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