• Seri IV2

  • Vision Sensor with AI

    • Superior Stability – Ambient Lighting is no longer your concern
    • Easy Programming – The Built-in AI selects the tools in a few seconds
    • Compact Size – Can be installed virtually anywhere
    • Same Day Shipping & Local Support Available
  • Profile: just specify the target to automatically detect the profile

  • Contrast: it is possible to distinguish between objects with varying shapes or conditions

  • Colored area: selecting colors to inspect is as easy as touching the color on the screen

  • Area: this tool is effective for checking for differences in brightness or surface finish

  • Series IV2 with Built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The strong detection algorithm is possible consider product variation, environmental variation at the bottom of the image and there is no false detection. Integrated AI for OK / NG inspection provides stable detection in any environment.

    How to use?

    Just register OK product and NG product to automatically adjust the optimal settings. This way the detection will be stable regardless of whether the user is a specialist or not.

Just download the catalog and register yourself to get demonstration for FREE!

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