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Buletin 2014

Maret 31, 2014

Subjek :

Latest Release of Keyence CV-X200 - A New Level for Image Processing Sensor

Detect Colors With Confidence!
By combining a red, green, and blue light source with detection based on the ratio of color returned, the CZ-V Series is able to stably and accurately detect up to eight different colors!
Resolve All the Problems of a Reflective Type Sensor!
The IV Series Vision Sensor, which views areas in planes, achieves settings that offer ultimate ease as well as stable detection, making it possible to resolve all the dissatisfactions that come with a reflective type sensor.
Increase Your Laser Knowledge! -LASER TECH BRIEFS-
An Introduction to Laser Information from Fundamentals to Applications
An Introduction to Cutting-edge Measurement Applications in Research and Development
You can learn about the greater efficiency resulting from the use of a non-contact displacement gauge as well as the latest measurement know-how.
An Introduction to "Digital Microscope Observation/Analysis Examples Organized by Industry" and "Examples of Customer Benefits"
We will introduce examples of observation/analysis in various departments, including "development, manufacturing, and quality assurance departments".

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