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Buletin 2015

Februari 03, 2015

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Benefits of a Digital Microscope

How to Get the Most from a Digital Microscope
Direct inspection of defects on the line
Performing observation and measuring the particle size distribution at the same time
Checking the inside of devices on-site
Performing non-destructive inspections even on large targets

This text contains information such as the above: techniques that are only possible with microscopes and can be used even outside of the analysis room.
Renewed Image Processing Peripheral Catalog with Lens Selection Guide!
Over 30 peripherals including vibration-resistant lenses, highly precise lenses, illumination, and filters have been added to the lineup. With the addition of this lens selection guide, this catalog is now easier to use than ever before, and we hope that you will find it helpful.
KEYENCE Releases an Adjustable Illumination Type Image Dimension Measurement System! Even Greater Improvements to Inspection Stability!
Even with reflected light, repeated stable measurements are now possible! We hope that all those individuals who are using illumination with projectors and similar devices to perform inspections will download the catalog today. Compare the performance of the new heads with that of your existing devices.
Easily Align Safety Light Curtains with the Industry's Top Alignment Tool
Perfectly align GL-R safety light curtains in seconds with KEYENCE's optional safety device configurator. Simply connect to your curtains and clearly see the alignment status of EACH INDIVIDUAL BEAM in REAL-TIME!
A Digital Micrometer with Excellent Environmental Resistance
A Structure Free of Moving Parts That Greatly Reduces Maintenance Man-Hours
Comprehensive Guide on Our Most Durable and Longest Lasting Contact Sensor Yet
Learn about the new pencil type GT2 contact sensor – a sleek yet robust solution that maintains the high accuracy measurement achieved with our original GT2 series.

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