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Buletin 2015

Februari 16, 2015

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Know-hows on Error-Proofing your Vision Sensor

Collection of Error-Proofing Applications Made Possible with Vision Sensors
On the basis of four actual examples such as mixing of different models and assembly errors, this document explains how to perform error-proofing in an easy and accurate manner with KEYENCE vision sensors.
The Marking Library, a Place to Acquire Laser Marking and Processing Knowledge and Techniques, Is Now Open
22 different texts containing information such as basic knowledge regarding lasers, laser marker applications in a variety of industries, and selection methods of laser markers are now available for download free of charge.

Application by Industry
Laser Marker Technical Guide
Q & A about Laser Marker
Measurement Techniques of Experts Who Use 2D Displacement Meters, Second Edition
This text is designed to help you improve your skill at performing measurements such as height, height difference, and profile measurements. The material can also be used to perform in-depth studies of measurement positions and methods by way of its 10 application examples such as the detection of connector pin defects and the measurement of gaps between copy rollers.
Techniques for Reusing Existing Programs
When you reuse programs, have you encounter problems such as not knowing what type of control has been written and where and the inability to reuse programs due to device conflicts? This document introduces techniques for reducing the time spent for programming and scanning.
Looking For a Tough and Versatile Sensor?
Increased stability, one-touch calibration, and rugged construction make the LR-Z perfect for any environment.
New Applications Now Possible With the IM-6225 Ring-Illumination Unit
With the addition of the new automated ring-illumination unit, it is now possible to easily perform inspections that were previously difficult or even impossible. Providing a unique mix of multi-angle and dark-field illumination and our new auto-setup features, the IM Series now makes your job easier than ever. Download the guide below to see just a few of the new applications you can perform and how the new features make it even easier.
The Optimal Material for Training! An Introductory Guide for KEYENCE Digital Microscopes
This introductory guide includes information on digital microscopes ranging from basic information to applications. We hope that you will find this guide useful in a variety of situations such as training new personnel and learning background information prior to making purchases.

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