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Buletin 2015

Maret 23, 2015

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Introduction to the New "LumiTrax" Vision System, and how to connect to our PLC

The New Function "LumiTrax" Makes Image Processing Systems Even Simpler.
The extraction of carved seals from heavily bumpy casting surfaces and the removal of glare during the inspection of printed film surfaces can now be easily to perform! This product is equipped with a new algorithm that reduces the time and effort during the capturing of images required for inspections! For details, see the catalog.

More Details
Major Additions to Our Lineup of Peripherals!
Over 150 types of peripherals—such as lenses, lighting, and filters—support your image processing work!
More Details
Color Camera Support & Easy Setup - The IV Series "Vision Sensor"
The IV Series has been equipped with auto-focus and an iris function to achieve extremely easy setup.
Even a first time user can easily setup the Vision Sensor without the use of a manual.
Renewed Image Processing Peripheral Catalog with Lens Selection Guide!
Over 30 peripherals including vibration-resistant lenses, highly precise lenses, illumination, and filters have been added to the lineup. With the addition of this lens selection guide, this catalog is now easier to use than ever before, and we hope that you will find it helpful.
An Introduction to Our Image Sensor-PLC Connection Guide
A Guide on Connecting the CV-X100 Series Image Sensor with the KV-5500 Series High-Speed PLC
PLC Debugging Tricks for Immediate Identification of the cause of the problem
When a problem occurs on device startup, how can you quickly check the status, identify the cause, and recover the device? This text is a must-read for anyone who wants to easily debug PLCs.
Multi-axis Control with a Compact PLC!
Conduct Positioning Control of Transfer, Assembly, and Other Such Equipment with the KV Nano Series.

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