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        Buletin 2015

        Mei 25, 2015

        Subjek :

        [New] Laser Technology Introductory Guide

        [New] Laser Technology Introductory Guide
        This guide provides easy-to-understand explanations of information such as what lasers are, differences in laser oscillation methods, pulse characteristics, and the effects of lasers on workpieces.
        Increased Quality! Actual Examples of Inspections Using Vision Sensors That Improve Results in the Automotive Industry
        Have you ever thought that you have no choice but to rely on visual inspections in the automotive industry due to this industry's use of metal parts and electrical components sporting a wide variety of colors? This document will introduce actual examples in which vision sensors are used to automate fool-proofing and inspections.
        You Can Clearly See Low-contrast Targets! Techniques for Observation with Digital Microscopes
        By integrating (1) high-resolution images that use short-wavelength light with (2) HDR images, this product makes it possible to observe low-contrast targets with clear, high-contrast images.
        NEW Powerful Autofocus Code Reader Makes Setup Simple
        With just the push of a button, the SR-1000 Series of 1D and 2D code readers can easily read even DPM codes – a conventionally difficult process.

        One model can match all inspection specifications
        Install anywhere within 1000 mm of its target
        Unaffected by glare from metallic and reflective surfaces
        Introducing the New Pencil-Type Head for the GT2 Series!
        This slim and durable sensor head features a NEMA-13 rating and 100 million cycle lifetime.

        E-news Teknis

        Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.