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        Buletin 2016

        Januari 12, 2016

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        Simple Ways to Master the Laser Technology

        Be a Laser Master Today
        Want to see the contrast when you mark using YVO4 and Laser Marker? Use this summarized document to find out the benefits of knowing the different marking effects and choose the best machine to save unnecessary cost and trouble!
        Measure 99 Dimensions in 3 seconds!
        The IM Series Dimension Measurement System can potentially achieve these:

        ·Reduce 2000 labor hours in a year
        ·No trouble of compiling data
        ·Minimize cost and time for training

        You may see the real life case studies in this document.
        Achieve Traceability is as Easy as ABC
        Just 3 steps, you can easily introduce traceability in any systems regardless of the industry you are in. Try out these steps now from the illustrations in this document.
        Be a Resin Expert
        Avoid even the smallest resin defects now with magnified observations. With such magnified images, analysis of burrs, sink holes and other defects couldn't be any easier and faster.
        Extract Colours Information Easily
        Colours extraction using image processing seems difficult. However, with this technical guide that contains successful techniques and examples, these processes will certainly be a lot easier to handle.
        Small, Strong, and Simple Sensors
        Whether you need a sensor that automatically adjusts its power for build-up or an inexpensive solution that can detect something as small as 0.0002", the 200+ sensor combinations in the FS-N series can do it.
        No More Foreign Particles Anymore
        One common reason of the adhesion of foreign particles is the presence of static electricity. Remove this nuisance now by implementing a few countermeasures. Learn about these methods in this document now.
        Tricks to Fully Utilize Your Laser Displacement Sensor
        Having a sensor machine is not enough, learn how these tricks can help to further ensure highest accuracy. These principles are explained with image illustrations as well.

        E-news Teknis

        Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.