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Januari 25, 2016

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NEW Various Line Up to Improve Performance

High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensors
This document introduces the GT2 Series, our high-accuracy digital contact sensor equipped with KEYENCE's proprietary Scale Shot System II measurement principle. This series of sensors completely eliminates errors such as the unknown origin position, tracking errors, and speed errors.
No More Screws Defects
Get to know the various standards and types of screws in this simplified guidebook. It includes also the causes of screw looseness and how to prevent it with some simple instructions.
New Devices Added In the Lineup!
This lineup for Image Processing contains over 200 types of products, of which 20 are new! Take a look at the large lighting that shines brightly over a wide field of view and also some of the most precise lenses in the world.
Heavy Duty Industrial Pressure Sensor
The GP-M is a new standard for monitoring hydraulic & pneumatic pressure. With its durable metal housing, it is designed to withstand all external impacts as well as clogging problems.
What Is This Completely Innovative Dimension Measurement System?
·How can we perform measurements just by placing the target and pressing the button?
·How much inspection time can we save?
·What are the sizes of targets that the IM Series can measure?

This document contains answers to these and many other questions to provide you with all the information about the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series.
Improved 2D Optical Micrometer To Fit Your Needs
QUALITY and SPEED are always the main factors for a manufacturer to consider. That is why KEYENCE has developed the TM series that aim to achieve both in a simple manner.
Laser Marker Selection Guide
Do you know whether CO2, YVO4 or YAG is more suitable to mark your material? Learn the differences between these few types of laser markers and master the skills to select one that fits you the most!

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