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Buletin 2016

Februari 29, 2016

Subjek :

Get More from Your Inspection and Measurement

Get the Best Analysis Capability for your Microscope
Do you have problems converting your results to a digital format? It is now possible, by just connecting KEYENCE's VHX to your current device!
What Is This Completely Innovative Dimension Measurement System?
·How can we perform measurements just by placing the target and pressing the button?
·How much inspection time can we save?
·What are the sizes of targets that the IM Series can measure?

This document contains answers to these and many other questions to provide you with all the information about the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series.
Would You Like to Perform In-Line, 100% Inspections of Dimensions?
High speed and precision. The 2D optical comparator of the TM-3000 Series enables it to measure the outer diameters and dimensions of multiple points at the same time.
Various Causes of Static Electricity Problems and the Solutions
Content includes:

·How to measure static electricity
·Types of static eliminators and how to select the right one

You can download these guides to learn about the causes and countermeasures for static electricity problems.
Quick Facts about Marking on Metal Workpieces
Find out the different ways to mark on metal, and the few short tips to choose the best equipment that fits the motive.
A Field of View That Is 4x Larger Than The Conventional Products?
This leaflet introduces examples of actual solutions using the Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader SR-1000 Series in the automotive, electronic, and food and packaging industries.

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