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          Buletin 2016

          Maret 22, 2016

          Subjek :

          We Believe in Keeping You Safe

          Safety Comes First
          With the well-designed GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain, protect yourself and your friends from any potential accidents in your workplace. Easy to install and built to last, using this can be the simplest way to be safe all the time.
          Are You Anti-Static?
          Do you often find some dust clinging onto your products? Instead of brushing it off, try using a static eliminator to save your time and trouble. Discover also the causes behind this problem too!
          The Choosing Pattern for Measurement Equipment
          There're various means to choose an ideal measurement equipment. But different application has its best method, be it thickness or outer diameter. Check out how to reap the most benefits from your selection!
          Optimize Your Marking Equipment
          A simple setting of your equipment can affect the marking quality tremendously. Understand how to set the conditions and software to get the results you want using this guide .
          Measuring Pressed Parts? Here're Some Tricks for You
          Save time, save space and save your energy. This is now possible when you measure the dimension of your pressed parts. Check it out and you'll believe it.
          Give Your 2D Codes an Inspection
          Is it the problem of the code reader, or the quality of the code itself?
          You may verify your current print quality of 2D codes using the guide that contains world-recognized ISO/IEC standards.
          Magnify With Perfection
          Take a look at these documents that are commonly requested to use for staff training. It contains magnified observation skills for connectors, solder, resin and screws.
          Before & After Implementing Vision System
          Achieve "Kaizen" and get your profits up! This guide shows various real case studies after companies introduced vision systems. See the effects before and after.

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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