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April 04, 2016

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The Benefits from Maintenance-Free Machines

Pencil with Accuracy and Durability
This pencil is the new movement in the high-accuracy measurement field. The contact-type displacement sensor with its seamless construction can withstand strong external impacts and fluctuating temperature, saving your trouble and time for maintenance issues.
Measurement Best Practises
One becomes more motivated when he or she develops new skills. Download these guides to learn about all the different measurement methods and be a measurement master in your field.
Laser Dictionary
Laser terminology can be fun yet difficult to understand. What exactly is a side pumping or a giant pulse?
Get this dictionary now and learn them all!
Get More Work Done with This Machine
This is a must-read for anyone who is using optical comparators, CNC or measuring microscope. Transform your dimension measurement time to just 3 seconds, and brush aside those troublesome settings you have to face every day.
Reasons behind the Change in Microscopes
Hear the voices of the users who have decided to switch to digital microscopes, especially on the 8 major benefits they have received so far!
100 Image Processing Tricks
Derived from Actual Stable Detection Examples, this document includes tricks on

·Canceling diffuse reflections/uneven lighting
·Canceling differences between workpieces

Often used as a guide for many, this document is vital to get your stable inspections.
Bringing Colors into Your Life
Differentiate between any colors with our reliable RGB colors sensors. With the color-matching based detection, accuracy and convenience are both guaranteed for any applications.

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