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        Buletin 2016

        April 18, 2016

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        View the Expected Benefits from Automation

        Make Code Reading "Automatic" Now!
        SR-1000 Series Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Readers provide the user with easy-to-use high performance.

        ·Automatic optimization of reading settings
        ·Automatic elimination of glare
        ·Highly flexible installation distance

        Take a look at the videos for installation examples in the automotive, electronic device, and food industries.
        How Did They Reduce Their Dimensional Measurement Time?
        What are the secrets to reduce measurement time and improve accuracy? Learn these secrets from top 20 selected examples completed with the IM Series image dimension measurement system.
        New Microscope Technology that Benefits over 12 Industries
        This guide provides useful information to solve common R&D issues and improve quality. Learn different analysis techniques used across these industries with actual image examples and the latest microscopy advancements.
        Can Image Processing Be That Simple?
        Have you experienced following scenarios?

        ·I can only install the camera at an angle. What should I do?
        ·I only want to detect line-shaped scratches, but the background noise is causing problems!
        ·The glare from the illumination is making it difficult to perform detections!

        This document uses a Q & A format to introduce ways to solve your problems with inspections, device selection and installation.
        Expanded Detection Capabilities
        Detect practically everything, be it transparent or translucent. Now enjoy also the maintenance-free sensor with its signature long-life and durable features.
        Measurement Techniques Grouped by Applications
        The optimum measurement method varies depending on the target shape and conditions. This document uses diagrams to teach you about measurement techniques grouped by applications such as thickness, width, outer diameter, and run-out.
        [New Product!] Vision Sensor As Small As Your Thumb
        Since launched, this product has been receiving favorable reviews for its surprising small size. This incredible size makes it possible to install in narrow locations where it was impossible to install conventional sensors. In just 4 simple steps, anyone can configure the settings to get a wide variety of detections for shapes, colors, width or diameter.
        Are You Still Using Blades in Processing?
        This guide uses photographs to explain laser processing types and examples. Learn techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal, without the use of a blade.

        E-news Teknis

        Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.