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Buletin 2016

Mei 23, 2016

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General Facts about Inventions [Sensors, Microscopes, Measurement, Laser]

The Latest Digital Microscope Technology
This series of guides contains summarized explanations behind the latest Digital Microscope Technology. It provides the reasoning behind the different results you may get when you change your lenses, lightings and many more. Get the full understandings of the microscopy techniques here.
Expert Vision System Techniques
Some common vision queries include:

·How to eliminate the influence of background characters to detect improper labeling?
·How to inspect the entire surface of cylindrical targets with just one camera?

This guide introduces advanced machine vision methods as well as the concepts behind these techniques.
Industry Leading Distance-Based Sensor
The GV Series offers high performance detection stability. With the World's First DATUM Algorithm, it is unaffected by color, surface type, or finish.
Actions to Make 2D Measurements Stable
This document provides examples of measurement problems such as outer diameter, gap, and height difference being solved with 2D measurements. It also provides technical explanations behind these solutions. We hope this document can help you to improve your measurement accuracy, tact time and reduce your costs.
Extremely User-Friendly Vision Sensor
In 1 minute, this sensor can be configured easily with just three steps.
This next-generation, general-purpose sensor can detect details such as the presence, color, shape, and direction of multiple points with a single sensor.
General Facts for Qualified Marking
Understanding the characteristics and capabilities of each type of laser can help you to choose the correct laser for a particular industry or workpiece. This guide can be a good reference if you want to know more about laser or during your selection process.
Dimensional Measurement Improvement Examples [Automotive and Smartphone Components]
High quality is required for automotive and smartphone components. These guides introduce you the secrets to improve the accuracy and speed of dimensional measurements of such components.

E-news Teknis

Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.