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Buletin 2016

Juni 13, 2016

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Area That Each Sensor Truly Excels In

Sensors Divided by Detection Principles
Be acquainted to all the sensor types that are divided using 5 types of principles: light, ultrasonic, eddy current, contact and lastly images. Understanding this will allow you to choose the most ideal sensor for each type of application.
Contact VS Non-Contact Measurement, Choose Wisely
A few customers have experienced the good and bad side of changing from contact measurement to non-contact measurement and we have recorded their voices. These contact equipment they used include micrometer, contact sensors and gauge tools.
Resolution, Tolerance, Repeatability of Microscope
This is a well-summarized technical guide for any microscope user. Besides the illustrations for resolution, tolerance and repeatability, this guide describes 7 different ways to improve accuracy from adjusting focus ring to the usage of image stitching.
Such a Small Vision Sensor
Do you wish to check presence absence, colors, shapes or even misalignment, at the same time love to cut down on the space and cost?
Check this newly introduced Ultra-Company Vision Sensor and it might fit exactly what you need.
Do You Like Virtual Lines?
Using Virtual Lines to measure difficult targets can be very interesting yet challenging. Find out the numerous tools offered by the Instant Measurement Series that designed to be extra user-friendly for anyone to learn and manage.
Multi-Camera Image Processing
The XG Series brings you the ultimate pack of image processing system that has been rigorously developed to handle challenging projects. Feel the high-speed processing engine and choose from a rich lineup of cameras.
Marking + Communication?
Improve the efficiency of interconnected systems and reduce cycle time with this "Unique Communication Feature". Marking was never so automated before!

E-news Teknis

Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.