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          Buletin 2016

          Juni 27, 2016

          Subjek :

          How Has Technology Evolved to Help Us?

          Static Electricity Memo
          Vol. 1 & 2
          "What properties does static electricity
          "How do I get the dust off my object?"
          Clear your doubts about the common questions on static electricity and be absolutely static-free.
          Professional Engraving & Marking Machine
          Laser Markers were initially invented to reduce cost & resources while increase quality & durability. Look beyond the initial sunk cost and focus on the benefits you are definitely going to get.
          A Legendary Detector
          The all-purpose laser photoeye provides uncompromised detection ability, regardless of colors or angles. With the new I-DATUM function, transparent and translucent targets can now be reliably detected.
          Extend Beyond Measurement?
          "Trend Management" as a production improvement tool is getting popular nowadays. This means with a press of a button, you are able to get inspection reports, trend graphs and histograms created in one short.
          Go Handheld, Go Handy
          From material warehousing to process progress management and traceability to shipping of finished products, the Handy Terminal can help you get the most from various factory tasks.
          Can We Convert Your Microscopes?
          Have you tried converting your current microscope into a digital one to enjoy highly focus images and accurate measurement? It may be possible now by connecting the VHX to your existing microscope, contact us if you would like to give it a try!
          Stable 1D & 2D Displacement Measurement
          Check out how 1D & 2D displacement measurement equipment are benefiting a few different industries such as semiconductor, automotive, plastic and metal.
          The newly-developed algorithms are able to support various applications.

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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