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          Buletin 2016

          Juli 25, 2016

          Subjek :

          Don't Strain Your Eyes Anymore

          Over 100 Types of Fibre Units
          Which one will you select and why so? Is it the small beam spot, high power range or toughness? Here are 13 characteristics with their requirements you may keep for future reference when you choose your fibre unit.
          How Would You Like Your Marking Done?
          This document describes all our laser marker units and the suitability of each for different types of marking. For example, etched printing requires laser with shorter wavelength to get printing with minimal damage. Get all the details in this summarized guide.
          The Concept Of Developing Lenses
          How can we develop our zoom lens or RZ lens to get a deep depth-of-field and high resolution? The answers are all explained in this guide that focuses on the research & development of lenses.
          The Time-Saving Dictionary
          It offers a solution to any type of dimensional measurement problems you are facing, a machine that has significantly reduced hours spent on measurement by 1960 per year! This is the IM series with 3 new functions that were just introduced recently. Find out more!
          Contact VS Non-Contact, Who Will Win?
          We have prepared a comparison table in terms of measurement stability, cost, risks and applications responsiveness for contact sensors vs non-contact sensors. Who do you think will win?
          Evolution Of Machine Vision Systems
          How would the images differ between a normal camera, LumiTrax™ camera, 21M pixel camera and 3D camera? Which one will be the most helpful to you?
          3-Step Method To Be Safe
          This comprehensive document gathered information from various well-written articles about safety. From here, you are able to understand ways to remove hazards around you and whether you are using your safety equipment properly.

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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