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          Buletin 2016

          Oktober 31, 2016

          Subjek :

          Light Up For This New Product Launch!

          [New Product] The Beginning of the New Vision System
          Presenting the CV-X400 Series, designed to make your inspections easier.

          ·Able to create optimal images in 3 simple steps
          ·Not required to select lighting
          ·No specialized skills required to operate

          Results anyone can see, take a first look at this transformation.
          Reading Multiple Barcodes at the Same Time
          This barcode reader has a wide field of view that is four times larger than conventional products. This makes it possible to read multiple barcodes on parts and manufacturing instructions with simple settings.
          19 Ways to Reduce Dimensional Measurement Time
          Have you ever wanted to measure the dimensions of complex appearances quickly and easily? This guide is a must-see for anyone who still hasn't checked out a machine that can measure 99 points in 3 seconds.
          Five Reasons to Remove Dial and Height Gauges
          Why are many people switching to non-contact measurement systems? Read this for a clear explanation of the advantages of non-contact measurement systems that can improve productivity.
          You Have Static Cling of Foreign Particles and Debris?
          Based on the size and electrical charge of your target, over what range should you eliminate static electricity? Read about the mechanisms behind the static cling of foreign particles, the answer to this question will be clear to you instantly.
          Eliminate the Need of Blades
          This guide uses photographs to explain laser processing types and examples. Learn techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal, without the use of a blade.
          Motion Function: Easy Constant-speed Trajectory Control
          This is a must-see for anyone who is considering trajectory control.

          ·Intuitive settings with the dedicated wizard
          ·Easy programming with dedicated FB
          ·Prompt confirmation of the trajectory on the XY monitor
          Do You Need Convincing Magnified Observation Results?
          Have you ever found that you and a customer have different opinions about the cause of a product's defect? Equip yourself now to confidently provide a convincing results and analysis. Find out how in this article.
          A Long-lived Photoelectric Sensor
          Without the use of gasket, this photoelectric sensor is resistant to water and oil. It also has a detecting distance of 40m. Feel free to see the suitable applications in this booklet.

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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