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Januari 03, 2017

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Our One Supplier Code & Commitment

Automation Sensors
There are over 100 types of fibre units. Explore the 13 deciding factors written in this article which you may consider when choosing a sensor.
Auto ID- Barcode Scanner
Identification solutions for traceability is highly crucial now. We have to ensure complete and reliable solutions. Take a look at the full line-up of 1D and 2D code readers coupled with qualified communication devices.
Industrial Laser Marker
Explore these 3 types of marking machine - Hybrid, Fibre and lastly CO2. Each delivers precise 3-axis and durable marking to meet the demand for high production volume and good quality.
Vision System
With up to 22 types of area cameras for selection, you can customize your inspection according to your production line speed, installation space and inspection target. We also provide free training to learn the usage of a vision system.
Measurement Sensors
The range of measurement applications is wide, feel free to take a look

·Outer and Inner Diameter
·Vibration, Flatness
·2D and 3D shape
Static Eliminator
We have 3 types of eliminators - Bar Type, Blower Type and Spot Type. Each serves the same purpose but suitable for different areas. Discover the typical applications for each type in this article.
Measurement System
The IM Series is an evolution of the optical comparator. The "Place-and-Press" technology eliminates operator errors, saves time and provides easy data recording. It is a relatively small machine, but its capability is much bigger than what it looks like.
Digital Microscopes
Witness KEYENCE latest microscope lineup that allows user to obtain fully-focused images in an instant. Equipped with numerous new advanced features, we hope to offer the best observation speed, accuracy and ease. For example multi-angle observation, 2D & 3D measurement as well as image capturing.

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