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Januari 16, 2017

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3 Transformations for Laser Sensors

3 Transformations - Laser Sensors
The LR-W Series are now furnished with 3 transformations to be a full-spectrum sensor. Find out how these changes can help you.

·Implementation of White LED
·Adjustable Beam Spot
·Range up to 500mm
Doing Measurements In Electronic Industry?
Browse through this comprehensive application guidebook that describes up to 30 types of measurement in the electronic industry. For examples

·Using laser scanner to inspect solder paste volume
·Using laser displacement sensor to measure resin height
Go Beyond The Usual Vision Inspections
Empower yourself with techniques to face these 3 difficult vision inspections

·Difficult to see defects due to no contrast from background
·Interference from patterns makes inspection impossible
·Lighting conditions result in unstable inspection
Combine 4 Microscopes Into 1
Witness the possibility of combining 4 different microscopes into 1. Additional benefits you can get include fully-focused image at high-magnification and on-screan real time measurement.
Are You A User Of Optical Comparator?
Or are you using measuring microscope or profile projector too? It will be interesting to check out this new form of dimensional measurement system that can cut the usual measurement time using these equipment to just 3 seconds.
Useful Information for Laser Marker Users
This guide summarized the laser safety measures and precautions we can take note while using a laser marker. Take control of your equipment and prevent injury to our human body.
16 Q&A about Static Eliminator
Play around with these 16 questions to understand more about the overall knowledge of a static eliminator. For example, does a static eliminator require maintenance or how can we improve and maintain the performance of the elimination.

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