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Februari 06, 2017

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We Really Have To Be Extra Careful With Static

Static is Invisible, but Highly Destructive
Static has caused problems such as fire and explosions. Here is the Static Master Guide for you.

·Describes the pros and cons of each type of eliminators
·Suggestions on selecting the most suitable eliminator for your applications
Microscope Lenses and Lighting Tips
Want to know the reasons why you get different results when you change your lenses, lightings and many more? You may refer to this consolidated file that contains answers to the commonly asked questions.
Detecting Targets with Fluctuating Distance and Tilt?
This application used to be very challenging. But the new Full-Spectrum Sensor LR-W Series made a legendary history of making this process easy. Learn everything about this phenomenon here.
Experts' Tricks on Vision System Techniques
Here is the collection of 3 tricks for stabilizing detections.

·Removing diffuse reflections (glare)
·Detecting only a specific wavelength range
·Emphasizing contrast differences using different illumination colors
Displacement Sensor - Full Version
If you know the types and principles for FA and Displacement Sensors, you will be able to see just what can be done with these devices. We hope that you will read this textbook and get the best results you wish to have.
The Uprising Trend of Using Laser Marker
To familiarize the working principles of laser on different materials, you may refer to this guide. It explains interesting terms such as oscillation and wavelengths.
Scan Your Codes Swiftly & Smoothly
This catalog contains information on all of our barcode products including fixed and handheld types as well as camera and laser types. It also contains the latest applications in part and product management. Feel free to take a look at the range.
Same Measurement Results No Matter Who
Not only are the measurement results of the IM Series independent of the user, the measurement time is just 3 seconds. Results are also tallied automatically and height measurement can be performed as well. Check out the catalog to learn about these benefits of the IM series.

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