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          Buletin 2017

          Maret 13, 2017

          Subjek :

          Detect The Full Spectrum Of Applications

          Detect the Full Spectrum of Applications
          Does your industry require detection of presence and absence, registration marks, product differentiation or colour verification? Check out this article to learn how the LR-W series can assist you with the following features:

          ·Unmatched detection capabilities
          Intelligent Sensing Solution with High Stability
          Are you facing any issues on your production line? Take some time to look at this article as it introduces a wide range of detection options, including contact-type, laser, ultrasonic, and temperature sensors that can help to solve a variety of applications.
          An Innovative Dimension Measurement System
          Spending too much time to achieve accurate measurement data? Learn how the IM series can improve measurement time with below advantages:

          ·Fast measurements
          ·Consistent measurement results
          ·Easy to set up
          ·Flexible data management
          20 Applications Utilizing Vision Systems
          Are you keen to explore more about vision sytems and how it can improve your applications? Check out this guide to learn about 20 successful applications using vision systems.
          High-Quality, Fully Focused in an Instant
          Explore this all-in-one Microscope that covers all basic analysis operations - observation, image capture, and measurement. Spend some time to study the article as it also further elaborates on some functions below :

          ·Fully-focused observation
          ·High-resolution HDR
          ·Easy recording
          ·One-click auto measurement
          Different Applications of Sensors
          Are you using any laser sensor? This guide will show you how laser sensor is utilised for different applications in certain industries and how to overcome some conventional problems.
          One PLC with Fastest Speed and Abundant Storage
          With high speed and a freely customisable CPU memory, the KV-7000 series is the ONE PLC that will improve your applications. Do not hesitate to check out this article for more information.
          4 Unique Functions of Laser Marker
          Are you interested to learn more about laser marker? Enhance your knowledge now with this guide as it explains the 4 unique functions of the MD-X series Hybrid Laser Marker as below in helping to achieve higher productivity:

          ·Content can be automatically updated
          ·Saving of images is fully automated
          ·Connection using a single LAN cable
          ·Communication without additional ladder programming

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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