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        Buletin 2017

        April 10, 2017

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        Be Careful, Static Can Get Out of Hand

        All You Need To Know About Static
        Introducing the master guidebook to understand static electricity in just a few minutes. The explanations come in a Q&A format which makes it easier to read. Feel free to get a copy.
        Big Impacts using Different Vision Lights
        A suitable light is very important to get your vision applications handled properly. On the left is a good example of changing the lights to see a clearer edge contrast. Feel free to explore the wide range of lights in this article.
        Axis Control Programming Made Easier
        KV Motion Series allows following problems to be solved:

        ·Long wiring time for multi-axis system
        ·Complicated axis control programming
        ·Need to keep changing controllers for different applications
        Laser Marker - 3 Axis Control
        A unique hybrid laser marker that combines the characteristics of YVO4 and fibre lasers. Many new features such as auto-focus, wide marking area and easy mounting adjustments make marking process friendly and simple. Feel free to take a look.
        A New Standard for Barcode Reading
        This article has a compilation of different kind of code readers that can fit according to your applications, price range and space constraints. Various industry examples are also included for clearer illustrations.
        Comparison to Profile Projector & Measuring Microscope
        Not knowing what exactly is the difference between the IM Series to profile projectors and measuring microscopes? Find out easily from some of our customers from their real life experiences in this interview article.
        What's So Good about Digital Microscope?
        If you are interested to find out more, you may see more from these 10 new standards observed in the digital microscope world. One interesting fact: on-screen real life measurement in digital microscope is very popular now!
        The Advantages of 2D Measurement
        Between 2D Laser Displacement Sensor and 2D Optical Micrometer, each excels in different applications thought their expanded capabilities. Take a look at the possible benefits you may get in this summarized version.

        E-news Teknis

        Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.