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Measuring In The Convenient Way

Measuring In The Convenient Way
With the VHX series digital microscope, you can automate area measurement with high accuracy. Below are some of the features that make analysis works more efficient:

·Particle counting
·Extraction condition reproduction
·Area and dimensional measurement
·Report output
Detect Any Changes Now
The Full-Spectrum LR-W Series solves the widest range of applications you have ever seen. It ranges from presence/absence applications, differentiating products with slight variations, detecting registration marks, and verifying color. Be the first few to know about this!
Discover The 21 Megapixel Image Processing System
The 21 megapixel image processing makes wide-field inspections possible and with high accuracy. Check out this article to learn about the sytem that comes with below functions:

·Image enhancement
·HDR image capturing
·Colour processing
Setting The Standard For Code Reading
Check out this article to learn about how the SR-series code readers can solve your problems with below features:

·Automatic tuning
·Automatic polarisation

In addition, it can stably read codes on products covered in cutting oil or flux.
Why Am I Slower Than The Rest?
Maybe your equipment isn't helping you in that. This guide explains about the latest illumination method that can offer help in decreasing your measurement time. With the IM series, you can experience below features:

·Fast and consistent measurement
·Easy interface
·Flexible data management
The Way to Durability
Download this guide to learn about how the digital micrometer can assist to achieve faster and accurate measurements with the following characteristics:

·High-accuracy in the field
·Long life in the field
·Easy operation in the field
Sense with GT2
With the GT2 contact sensor, you can expect high levels of accuracy and durability. Check out this article to learn how GT2 can reduce the manual work spent on maintenance and device adjustment.
Laser Marker with a Built-in Camera!
With a built-in, multi-function camera, the laser marker can provide a marking image, 2D barcode reader, and marking comparison in a single unit. Learn more about the 4 unique functions of MD-X Series hybrid laser marker now:

·Measure distance to the marking target
·Display marking target
·Inspecting marked characters
·Reading marked codes

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