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Juni 12, 2017

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Unveil the New Face of IM-7000 Series

New IM-7000 Series to Fit All Your Needs
We are glad to announce the official launch of our new IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System. Take a look at the new features:

·Measurement volume increased by 4 times
·Automatic measurement of tall targets
Laser Marker for Higher Productivity
This guide contains information about how marking and communication can be integrated together to achieve higher productivity in the marking process. Feel free to take a look.
What's Possible with Digital Microscopes?
Why not take some time to read about a collection of less widely-known microscope observation examples based on real applications? It is perfect for anyone who uses or considers to purchase a microscope.
Safety Comes First
Safety is important in any working environment. Explore this guide book which provides explanations of safety standards and risk assessment that are easy-to-understand.
Tips for Image Processing
Image processing is essential for product defect inspections. With this guide, you can acquire the basic knowledge needed to perform accurate and efficient inspections.
Measure with the Blue Laser
The LJV series is the first to adopt the 405 nm blue laser which contributes to a stable measurement and higher accuracy than usual. Discover more about it through this catalog.
Sense with Accuracy and Durability
The GT2 Series is durable and measure with a high accuracy of 1 μm at low cost. Check out this article to learn how it can reduce the manual work spent on device adjustment and maintenance.

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