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Juni 19, 2017

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The Possibilities of Digital Microscopes

The Possibilities of Digital Microscopes
How much do you know about the functions of digital microscopes? Check out this guide to learn about new microscope application examples that are not widely known.
Communicate With Laser Marker
The increased use of laser marking has triggered the need to integrate these lasers using common communication protocols. Do not hesitate to discover how the MD-X series can improve efficiency and reduce cycle time with its 4 unique functions through this guide!
Maximizing Vision System Performance
Are you facing difficulties in achieving stable inspections? This catalogue contains information on how different LED light and lens lineup can assist to solve various applications.
Redefine Profile Measurement and Inspection
Explore this catalogue that provides information on the inline profile measurement which can improve quality, catch defects, and increase yield with below characteristics :

·Ultra-high-speed sampling
·Detection stability
·All types of measurements are possible
Error Proofing with Barcode Readers
Are you making any careless mistakes at production sites? Fear not, take the chance to look at this guide which describes how the handheld mobile computer BT series can assist in simple confirmation and elimination of errors.
99 Points in 3 Seconds
Are you taking too much time just to measure 1 object? Check out this guide which describes how the IM series can improve the time taken with below features:

·Measurements performed in seconds
·Uniform measurement
·Intuitive interface
·Easy data management

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