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Juli 03, 2017

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Best Practices for Height Difference Measurements

Best Practices for Height Difference Measurements
It is important to achieve errorless result for every height measurement. Check out this guide to learn why the LJ-V series is the optimal device for height difference measurements with below features:

·Non-Contact measurement
·Slant adjustment function
·World's fastest high-speed sampling
5 Measuring Device in 1 Unit
Are you spending too much time on the measuring process? Fear not, take a look at this guide to understand how the IM series can help to improve productivity and yield.
From Sensing to Solving
This catalogue illustrates how the LR series can solve a wide range of applications with the following characteristics: Stable detection capabilities, ease-of use and durability. Feel free to take a look.
Engineer's KNOW-HOW
Can you create an operation manual easily for the image sensor or quickly adjust the focus and brightness? Explore this guide as it shows the different functions for specific machine vision.
Inspect With Digital Microscope
Are you facing any difficulties in inspection? With this guide, learn about how the VHX series can assist in achieving better inspection and product development from different case study examples.

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