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          Buletin 2017

          Juli 10, 2017

          Subjek :

          Measure with the New IM-7000

          Measure with the New IM-7000
          Discover the new IM-7000 series which can perform instant measurement with additional features:

          ·4x the measurement volume
          ·Measure previously obscured areas
          Optimal Device for Height Difference Measurements
          Are you facing any problems in performing height difference measurements? Check out this guide to learn why the LJ-V series is the optimal device for height difference measurements with below features:

          ·Non-contact measurement
          ·Slant adjustment function
          ·Fastest high-speed sampling
          Contact Sensors to Meet Your Needs
          Explore this guide which illustrates an extensive lineup of mounting brackets and probes which comes in 4 different types: Air-push, low-stress, flange-mounting or long.
          Importance of Traceability
          With this guide, learn about how traceability can be achieved with laser marker units, code readers or peripheral equipment. It includes practical details such as marking codes on parts, reading codes, and managing information.
          Reasons to Choose Digital Microscopes
          Many are switching from optical microscopes to digital microscopes, would you like to give it a try? Read about some of the actual opinions of the users who have switched.
          Sense with the New LR-W Series
          Do not hesitate to check out the new full-spectrum LR-W Series which can achieve stable detection of changes in appearance with below advantages:

          ·Unmatched detection capabilities
          4 Filter Application Techniques
          Learn about the 4 filter application techniques which can ensure stable detection:

          ·Polarizing filter
          ·Applications of special filters
          ·Color filter
          ·Protective filter
          One-Stop Solutions for Traceability Systems
          With an increase of emphasis on traceability in automotive industry, many are adopting direct part marking with barcodes and 2D codes. Learn more about how traceability can be achieved by integrating laser marking and code reading.
          Speed Up Via "FLOW"
          Is there any trouble in positioning program? This guide introduces how high-efficiency positioning and programming can be achieved via "FLOW". Feel free to take a look.

          E-news Teknis

          Pelajari berita terbaru tentang sensor, sistem visi, instrumen pengukuran, penanda laser, dan mikroskop.

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