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Juli 24, 2017

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A New Concept Adopted by Companies

Slit Ring Illumination and Light Probe Concept
The new Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series has recently been equipped with slit ring illumination and a light probe. This makes it possible to accurately measure locations that were usually difficult to measure using conventional ring illumination.
Perform Thickness Measurements with Ease
Currently, are you using contact or non-contact method for thickness inspection? Find out which method gives you

·Reduced inspection takt time
·Full inspections without error
·Highly accurate measurements of soft targets
Countermeasures for Static Electricity
Use this text to learn several effective static electricity countermeasures from actual examples. KEYENCE provides a free on-site diagnosis on the generation of static electricity, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in this service.
Are You Still Using Blades in Processing?
This guide uses photographs to explain laser processing types and examples. Learn techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal, without the use of a blade.
10 Innovations for Microscopes
Get to know some new innovations for microscopes that you may consider to try out in the future. It also presents detailed examples that clearly express how different digital microscopes are from conventional microscopes.
Accurate Detection of Black and Metal Workpieces
The LR-Z Series combines a CMOS image sensor with a laser light source. The 350,000 fold light power control function enables stable detection that is not affected by the color or angle of the target. Download the catalog for all the details.
Engineer Know-How Vol 1 - Machine Vision
Explore 2 interesting topics this time:

·How to cancel variations in surface conditions for stable inspections
·How to detect only foreign particles without being affected by target shape
Top 3 Problems Now Removed for Code Readers
This code reader solves the problems on reading difficulty that are normally caused by

·Curvature of packaging
·Varying label positions
·The designs of packages

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