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FAQ (Hardware)

What are the requirements for using the XG-7000 Series?
The hardware for executing inspection (controllers and cameras) and the software for creating programs (XG-H7N) are required.
What types of controllers are available?
There are five types: standard type that connects to KEYENCE digital cameras, high-speed type that supports 2-megapixel cameras, high-speed, high-capacity type that supports 5-megapixel cameras, standard type that connects to analog cameras, and high-speed type that connects to analog cameras.
What are the differences between the XG7000, XG7500, and XG7700?
The cameras that can be connected and the image processing speeds are different.
Can all controllers be connected to four cameras?
By attaching a camera expansion unit, each controller can be connected to four cameras and perform simultaneous capture for the four cameras.
What is supplied with the controller?
The controller comes with an installed SD card (SD1), instruction manual (A4 size, 8 pages), and a set of replacement terminal block labels.
Is a console required to use a controller?
All settings required for inspection can be configured with a computer, so a console is not required.
To perform setting operations on the controller, provide an optional console.
Can the controller firmware be upgraded without the use of a console?
A separate console is required for firmware updates because virtual console input cannot be performed with the remote desktop.
Can a commercially-available SD card be used?
This system does not guarantee the use of SD cards other than those provided with the controller.
What types of digital cameras are available?
There are 16 types: 31-megapixel, 200-megapixel, 7× speed 31-megapixel, 7× speed 100-megapixel, 7× speed 200-megapixel, 11× speed 500-megapixel, and compact cameras, all available in color and black-and-white.
Which analog camera models have operations guaranteed with this system?
This system supports analog cameras manufactured by KEYENCE, Sony, and Toshiba Teli. See the specifications for supported models.
I want to connect an analog camera. How should I set the DIP switches?
For CA-CM20, use the factory settings. See "Installing the Camera" in chapter 2 of the user manual for details.
Can a camera with a conventional image sensor be used?
Among digital cameras for the XG-7000 Series, only dedicated cameras whose model name starts with XG can be used. (CV-5000 Series cameras can be used only a camera cable.)Among analog cameras, the CA-CM20 of the XV-1000 vision system can be used including camera cables.
Can analog and digital cameras be used together?
Among analog cameras, this system only supports dedicated models (ending in A), so they cannot be used together with digital cameras.
Does this system support ultraviolet or infrared cameras?
This system supports the Sony XC-EI50 and XC-EI30 infrared cameras (with different CCD sizes) and the Sony XC-EU50 ultraviolet camera.
Can analog camera images be inverted horizontally?
What types of manuals are available?
There are four types of manuals.
Each manual is provided in the XG-H7N software in PDF format.
(1) XG-7000 User Manual: hardware manual
(2) XG VisionEditor Reference Manual (Programming edition): Describes how to create flowcharts and user interfaces.
(3) XG VisionEditor Reference Manual (Control edition): Describes how to control I/O and serial communications.
(4) XG VisionTerminal User Manual: Describes remote operation and logging.
How do I view the manuals?
After installing the XG VisionEditor and the XG VisionTerminal, click the Start menu or select [Help] from the application menu to open the desired manual in PDF format.
I cannot open the XG-7000 User Manual (hardware manual) from the Help menu in the VisionEditor. Do I have to purchase this manual separately?
This manual is installed to your computer when you install the VisionEditor, but it cannot be opened directly from the Help menu. The XG-7000 Series User Manual can be opened by navigating to the default installation location (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\KEYENCE Applications\V-Works for XG).
What kind of user support is available for creating flowcharts?
You can download sample files and the latest software from the XG User Support page. XG technical support representatives are also available at KEYENCE offices to answer your questions.