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FAQ (Software)

What types of software are available for use with this system?
There are two types: Integrated Vision Editing Software "XG VisionEditor" and Remote Control Software "XG VisionTerminal".
What is the purpose of the Integrated Vision Editing Software "XG VisionEditor"?
This integrated vision editing software comes with a series of setting functions that enable construction of image processing flows and user interfaces on a computer as well as debugging, simulation, and uploading.
What is the purpose of the Remote Control Software "XG VisionTerminal"?
This software enables monitoring and operation of the XG-7000 controller from a computer via Ethernet or USB connection. It also has functions for monitoring multiple controllers connected to a network and functions for logging measurement values and image data.
What are the system requirements for running the Integrated Vision Editing Software "XG VisionEditor"?
Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.06 GHz equivalent or faster (Core 2 Duo 1.80 GHz equivalent or faster recommended)
RAM: 1 GB or more (2 GB or more recommended)
Available hard disk space: 600 MB or more at installation, 500 MB or more at operation
Can a purchased copy of the XG-H7N software be used on multiple computers?
To operate the XG VisionEditor, each computer must have a separate activation code.
Apply for an activation code using the XG User Support page. Basically, one activation code is issued per XG-H7N copy. To use the software on multiple computers, please purchase multiple copies of the software.
What is the workspace used in the XG VisionEditor?
This is a folder representing the virtual XG controller set up on the hard disk of the computer. Within the workspace folder is the SD1 and SD2 folders, which are equivalent to SD card drives for the system, and each of these folders can store program data and registered image data.
The workspace can be switched to enable management of multiple controller settings from a single computer.
How many programs can be created on one controller?
By using the two SD card drives, you can create program data for up to 2,000 programs. Each SD card can store up to 1,000 programs (No. 000 to 999), but depending on the settings, the SD card may become full before reaching 1,000 programs.
How many days do I have left on my trial period of the XG VisionEditor?
You can view the date the license was activated.
Select [About...] in the Help menu to display the [Extension Activation Code Input] window. This window displays information about the trial period in the format "The trial period is 30 days starting (year/month/day)."
The computer operating the XG-H7N software failed and I need an activation code for the new computer. What should I do?
Contact your local KEYENCE office.